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    I keep a folder of all my favorite music on my tablet.
    I have a Galaxy S7, a Galaxy Tab A, and a windows 10 PC. The PC isn't really necessary, but I need to have a folder sync across at least the two mobile devices automatically.
    I was going to use onedrive, but since it doesn't sync automatically it would actually be more work then just sharing any new songs through Bluetooth and adding it to the right folder manually.
    Is there any way to have a folder across these devices update itself with new changes? Even if it would be through Bluetooth, that would be fine since the devices are always next to each other.
    If possible I'd like to not have to go into an app every time I add a new song to the folder or go into an app on the other device to retrieve the file, since again, that would be harder than just Bluetoothing.
    Both devices are Samsung and are running the same version of the operating system.
    12-05-2018 10:39 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! How about Google Drive? Depending on how much music you have (and how much other stuff you store), you may have to pay to upgrade your storage from the free 15 GB, but it's not particularly expensive.
    12-05-2018 11:01 AM
  3. eric jiga's Avatar
    I'm the one who asked the question, I hadn't made my account when I asked it so not sure if I'll have to post the question again to mark answers or something like that. I'm new here. I looked into google drive, but it seemed like the process was manual both ways, is that the case or could it actually sync two folders automatically?
    12-06-2018 08:07 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Yes, unfortunately Google Drive can't automatically sync folders that are physically on the device (except for on a PC). But if you keep your music files in the cloud only, that can act as an automatic sync. (Of course, it's not ideal if you're often in an area with poor wi-fi or cell reception, or if you have a low mobile data cap.)
    12-06-2018 02:39 PM

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