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    My work computer has lost it's sound ability and I would like to somehow watch my shows from my phone and have them displayed on the Windows 7 Computer via USB, however, I would like the sound to still come out of my phone.

    Is this possible? Or does mirroring only play the sound from your phone on the computer? Tried so many apps like Vysor, Apowermirror to name a few and I cannot for the life of me get past the USB Debugging screen even though I have already enabled USB Debugging in my Developer settings. I also have my USB set to MTP as suggested.

    I currently when plugged into the USB on my computer still charge it and transfer my files easily enough, but none of these or other programs seem to connect to bring up my screen.

    What else am I missing here?
    12-10-2018 01:55 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Depends on how you're mirroring. For mirroring via USB, you're going to need an app that supports that (the phone doesn't support direct video through USB unless you use an USB-C to VGA/HDMI (powered) adapter. Most of the time, those apps will output sound through the computer because of sync issues. These apps all need a 'server' app on your phone and a 'client' program installed on your PC. They won't work just on their own.

    However, if you use Samsung's SideSync (officially no longer supported on the S9, but you can still install it or find an older version and manually install), there is an option that lets you select where to play the sound and it works over WiFi as well. However, as stated above, you WILL encounter audio sync issues if you do this.
    12-10-2018 02:45 PM
  3. Pete Jordan's Avatar
    Forgot to sign in. Thanks for the confirmation. I had heard about the SideSync on a youtube video and how it wasn't supported and doesn't even seem that's worth it since you mentioned it would be out synch anyways with the audio.

    But this all helps because I was thinking I was doing something wrong. I guess now I can just stop looking for a way to do this and just deal with playing the video via USB or Netflix, etc on the soundless computer and manually synching it with a copy of the show on my phone. It's a pain, but it does work, at least until I am away from the office for a full day so they can re-install windows to fix the sound issue.

    Thanks for the input and explanation...
    12-10-2018 03:13 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    You might as well try SideSync. Sync might not be that noticeable, but yeah, it probably won't be as 'instant' as a direct HDMI/VGA connection. You can also try one of these and bypass the computer altogether, using only the monitor (the link below is the one I KNOW works because that's what I use, but there are others out there that only do HDMI or only VGA or cheaper ones, too, just try to search the reviews for confirmation that it works with Samsung devices).
    12-10-2018 05:15 PM

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