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    I'm trying to mute the noises that Facebook makes when you hit a "like" button, share a post, etc. I think the setting I'm looking for is under Media and Contacts, but when I try to go into this setting, the whole app crashes/shuts down/restarts. I would rather not re-install the app, if I can avoid it.

    Samsung Galaxy S8+ running Android 8.0.0.
    12-10-2018 03:19 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    You are correct, that's where that option is (Sounds in the App). If it's crashing when you open it, however, there's not much you can try to fix it IF it's not a bug in the app with your particular device (I tried it on a Tab S4 and a Note 9 and the options work there).
    1) Clear the app's cache. This won't uninstall it, but usually helps fix most issues. This doesn't log you out or lose your current setting preferences.
    2) Clear the app's data. Basically start from scratch as if you had just installed the app. This does log you out and wipes all your current settings.
    3) Uninstall/reboot/re-install. If the above didn't work chances are this won't either, but maybe something in the code got screwed up and it's worth a shot. This, too, will log you out and reset all your settings for the FB app.
    12-10-2018 04:38 PM

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