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    How can I move the files from Samsung Galaxy phone's private folder into my Computer, when screen’s display is dead (fingerprint to unlock phone, can't activate private mode)?
    12-10-2018 05:16 PM
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    This is good aoption in android mobile.
    Private Mode is a new feature of Samsung Galaxy S5 and the latest Smartphones of Samsung company. Private Mode is actually hiding your photos, videos, music, and so many more. For hiding the files and folders on Android or any other Smartphones, you have several ways to hide your gallery, videos, music, and many more.
    To Enable Private Mode, navigate to your device settings then choose Private mode from the Personalization tab “Private Mode”.
    Second that you can Enable Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 is to slide down from the top of your device to down then find Private Mode icon. When you found, tap on it. It will Enable from here as well.
    How to Use Private Mode?
    Hide content you want to keep private. Turn this mode off after use to protect your hidden content. Private Mode will also be automatically turned off when the device turns off. Use Private Mode to keep content in the following applications private.
    12-10-2018 11:21 PM

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