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    I downloaded a app from Google play store an them when I tried to use it it said that I needed to download one of these browsers so the icons I wanted to change would work.well I chose one I thought I would like an after I downloaded it it ask for every permission my phone has an I happily have it everything it needed to take over my phone an infected my email address now every phone I e signed onto with that email is also affected. When I go an try to update any app it want let me it only let's me use older versions of everything an I have spent hours of force stopping an clearing data on 238 apps factory reset it about 10 times an even tried using a new email sin an downloading security apps to detect it an get rid of it but they all say that everything is fine.i don't know what it means but a lot if apps are using excessive memory an data it kills my battery an when I hit the show system apps I have hundreds of different apps I know nothing about the way I distinguish between the real an fake ones are the bad ones have android heads an real ones have the app pic. Btw when I went to factory reset it instead of taking me to the option screen it shows me an android hanging upside down with a big ! Behind him. Please help me to get this annoying virus or what ever it is off my phone.
    12-13-2018 04:26 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Which app did you install from the Play Store initially? I'm not sure how installing another browser would be important to change icons -- you typically need to install a 3rd party launcher, not a browser. Is that what you did?
    12-13-2018 06:50 PM

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