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    I downloaded a app from Google play store an them when I tried to use it it said that I needed to download one of these browsers so the icons I wanted to change would work.well I chose one I thought I would like an after I downloaded it it ask for every permission my phone has an I happily have it everything it needed to take over my phone an infected my email address now every phone I e signed onto with that email is also affected. When I go an try to update any app it want let me it only let's me use older versions of everything an I have spent hours of force stopping an clearing data on 238 apps factory reset it about 10 times an even tried using a new email sin an downloading security apps to detect it an get rid of it but they all say that everything is fine.i don't know what it means but a lot if apps are using excessive memory an data it kills my battery an when I hit the show system apps I have hundreds of different apps I know nothing about the way I distinguish between the real an fake ones are the bad ones have android heads an real ones have the app pic. Btw when I went to factory reset it instead of taking me to the option screen it shows me an android hanging upside down with a big ! Behind him. Please help me to get this annoying virus or what ever it is off my phone.
    12-13-2018 05:31 PM
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    Read [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN . Back up all your pictures, music, etc., but not your apps, then flash the stock ROM.

    And don't download anything, or give anything permissions unless you understand what it does in each case.
    12-13-2018 06:01 PM
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    I highly doubt you've been hacked. For instance, simply logging into another phone wouldn't cause them to become infected.

    Factory resetting would clear about 99.9% of malware if you were infected (it would take some extensive programming to infect a phone to the point the infection survives a reset, which is unlikely to have happened by simple installation of another app).

    It's expected for Android to keep memory full, because it's designed that way. You do not want a lot of free RAM.

    Data and battery use may be an issue, but are likely completely unrelated to a hacking attempt. Hacking and viruses don't cause regular apps to use more data, and excessive battery drain could be a result of poor charging habits (I.e. Charging above 80% or going below 40%).

    System apps are going to have the Android head icon. That indicates that they are part of the core OS. You generally don't want to mess with these unless you have good reason to and understands what you're doing (which doesn't sound likely by your post).

    The Android guy with the exclamation point is also part of the regular recovery process. Again, nothing to worry about here.

    So far, nothing you've written had indicated that you've been hacked. It's actually rather hard to do so on Android. What specifically has happened that made you think this in the first place?
    12-13-2018 06:18 PM

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