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    I went into bluetooth and accidentally unpaired my earbuds it was my first time trying to use them. They are "symphonized bluetooth headset" I only know how to turn them on and off and I don't know how to repair the earbuds with my phone. When I go into settings-bluetooth-available devices, nothing show's up. How do I repair them on my phone?
    12-14-2018 05:38 PM
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    If there were no instructions with them, look up the instructions online.

    Or, if the brand name is "Symphonized", go to https://symphonized.com/pages/contact and ask them, in the message box, how to set the earbuds up for pairing/ Or call them at the phone number listed. (I'm in the US, so I get a US number which won't do if you're not, but you'll get a phone number that you can use on that page.)

    I found the following - see it it helps:

    To pair the Bluetooth headset with your device,you must first bring it into
    paring mode

    1.Please turn off other Bluetooth devices nearby,and make sure the headset
    and your Bluetooth device are close together (within 3 feet).

    2.Starting with the headset turned off. Press and hold the multifunction button
    for approximately 7 seconds until the LED indicator flashes red and blue
    alternately with a voice prompt “pairing” (you will hear the voice prompt “power on”
    first,just keep holding the multifunction button). Now the headset
    is in pairing mode.

    3.Activate the Bluetooth function on your device and search for the nearby
    Bluetooth connection:
    For Windows Phone 8 devices:Settings--Bluetooth--On
    For Android:Setting--Wireless& Networks--Bluetooth--On--Scan for devices
    For iPhone/iPad/iPod:Settings---Bluetooth---On
    12-15-2018 01:00 PM

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