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    I installed safe surfer (porn blocker) on my s7 edge tonight as I wanted to temporarily block all adult content from being search via my browser.

    The app worked as expected. It did so by creating a vpn to allow all content accept anything of an adult nature.

    I uninstalled the app without disconnecting and closing it first, just to see if a simple uninstall would allow access to adult content again. It didnt, and now I cannot regain access to adult content again.

    I tried to reinstall, connect and disconnect properly, but still content is blocked. I have cleared cache, Data of my browser's (android and Google chrome). I have tried deleting vpn profiles from settings/connections/more connection settings/vpn. I have tried to find settings in the browser setting but cannot see anything relevant. I have rebooted the phone. Nothing has worked!

    I dont know what it could be. I have got a feeling it could be a vpn setting somewhere, but when I initially uninstalled the app while still being connected to the vpn, maybe its changed something somewhere deeper within the software that I lost access to when I deleted the app the first time.

    I haven't tried booting into safe mode yet and deleting cache in there, and any parations. Apart from that I am clueless.

    If anyone has any other suggestions or might know what has happened from a technical point of view, it'd be very much appreciated.

    12-21-2018 04:41 PM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    In your web browser, check the settings to see if it has a "proxy" enabled. If so, remove it.
    12-21-2018 10:03 PM

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