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    My wife and I both had S7s, and recently I upgraded to the Note8.

    I'm disappointed with the camera on the Note8. It seems quite awful.

    Holding the S7 and Note8 next to each other, cameras set to auto, in a dimly lit room, the Note8's image is far more grainy than the S7. I would say 4x granier.

    Any pictures indoors of my kids are basically useless, flash or not. Extreme motion blur, even with minimal motion and flash forced on. With the S7, I have much better indoor pictures, much less blur, much less grain.

    This is confusing to me, since according to specifications the cameras on both phones should be identical. Same F#, resolution, pixel size, etc. Using same version of android, same camera app.

    Yes the Note8 has two rear cameras, but why would that cause it to be worse at taking pictures?

    Any thoughts?

    Honestly, I can't imagine I need to use pro mode for quick shots of my kids. Is there a problem with the camera app on the Note8.
    12-24-2018 08:53 PM

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