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    My HTC Desire Eye is lagging really bad when the battery is charged 75% or more. When it goes below 75% it runs normally. Any ideas how to fix this?
    12-27-2018 03:01 PM
  2. NowNo's Avatar
    Restore factory settings. But first back up.
    12-27-2018 04:54 PM
  3. axescot's Avatar
    I did reset it but still get it. I also tried to root and noticed it is happening when in TWRP as well. It seems to be getting worse and worse, to a point where there isn't a pattern anymore, ie it happens when it is 35% at times and other times when it is 75%. I read somewhere the battery is interfering with the screen.
    01-05-2019 01:29 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Does this also happen in Safe Mode? How to turn on safe mode on Htc Desire Eye
    01-06-2019 02:11 AM
  5. axescot's Avatar
    Yes, it is happening in safe mode, and it's getting worse. It has to be less than 40% charged to work smooth. After 3 years, I think this phone is dying so I bit the bullet and ordered a new one. Wouldn't be so bad if cell phones weren't such a rip off... Oh well.
    01-07-2019 12:55 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    It sounds like a failing battery, although I've never heard of it happening the way you're describing it -- that a full charge is causing a problem.

    Which phone did you order? I agree, the prices of flagship phones have skyrocketed lately. But keep in mind, there have been a lot good midrange phones recently (like the Moto G6 line, and phones from Nokia and Honor), so you don't necessarily have to break the bank to get a decent phone.
    01-08-2019 10:15 PM

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