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    I have a S4 active. I received for Christmas a pair of VR goggles. I don't play video games anymore, but I would like to use it to watch 2 D videos and movies that I have on formats like mp4, etc.

    I know they might not be in 3D or 360 viewing when I turn my head, but I don't care about that. I just want to be able to view the video or movie with the goggles. I've viewed a few youtube videos that are already in split screen just to see if it works, and it does. You can't just put a 2D movie on your smartphone and view it through the goggles, it has to be played in whats called SBS or side by side format, otherwise it's not viewed correctly. (I've already tried) The instructions that came with the goggles just said go to Google play and choose an app. It seems like every one of those apps are for specific themed videos you get online. I'm only trying to view offline mp4 videos.

    I know youtube supposedly has an app that allows you to view their videos side by side if they're not already SBS, but I'm talking about my own videos not there's. Doing a google search for an answer was a confusing because most of it was geared for people who wanted 3d or gaming, not simple videos.

    I've read that Google cardboard supposedly does what I want but you supposedly have to buy their cardboard goggles in order to get an unlock code? Is that correct?

    What I'm wondering is if anyone out there knows what I'm referring toand has any recommendations on what the easiest and best free video player app for android out there that has the ability to play offline video files in a side by side format. The video player that came with my phone doesn't do that.
    01-02-2019 10:23 AM

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