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    I'm using the one button navigation on my G6, which turns the fingerprint reader into a gesture pad and disables the on-screen buttons, but this has resulted in a blank space at the bottom of certain apps where the buttons would normally be. GTA San Andreas and Mi Launcher are where it's most annoying.

    With GTA, the chin is already bigger than the forehead on my phone, so having more empty space makes it awkward to hold. Mi launcher, well... Having a blank space at the bottom of a launcher just looks kind of ridiculous.

    [There was an image here, but evidently I can't post links?]

    I've tried adding the following string to AppManifest.xml for GTA based on advice I found on an XDA thread:

    <meta-data android:name="android.max_aspect" android:value="2.1" />

    Which seems to work at first, the initial loading screen that shows the legal warnings and whatnot fills the whole screen(if considerably more laggy), but it crashes when trying to load the main menu. (I've also tried GMD Immersive, but it still gives me the same blank space)

    So I'm a little stuck. Is Motorola using some kind of janky solution to hiding the on-screen buttons that doesn't fully remove them, or are these apps just not meant for 18:9 displays? (Doesn't Xiaomi make 18:9 phones, anyway?)
    01-03-2019 04:28 PM

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