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    While I was on my chromebook after school, my phone, which was sitting right next to my chromebook, randomly crashed. For a second I thought that it had died and the battery had ran out fast since the morning, but instead I saw a completely black screen with some bright darker blue letters at the top. I can't remember exactly what it said, but it was something like "starting ...." or "..... reset" (not clear). Next it reset like the phone was brand new, and I had to type in my information again. I thought because of my gmail that my data would return, but instead I had no contacts and no apps that weren't already downloaded originally by Samsung. All of my settings were turned back into how they originally were. I looked it up and saw that this is similar to something called a "factory reset". I also checked my drive and saw the only backups that my drive had made were from my chromebook. I also opened photos and most of my photos were there, stopping at mid-November, which would lead me to think that it had backed up, but there were no backups for my account. While I was trying to re-download some apps, I noticed that instead of the one page of apps samsung had originally gave me, I had a second page with random apps I've never downloaded. The apps are yahoo mail + news + sports, booking.com, merge all, mynews, sudoku, weather channel, and wish. This might be me being paranoid, but is it possible that I have been hacked or did I just screw up in crazy ways?
    01-03-2019 07:30 PM

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