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    Hello. Though I do not expect any different answers from this forum as I have serached high and low for, I decided I would give this a shot.

    I recently factory reset my tablet (Hewlett-Packard HP 10 G2) because I had left it alone for a while and recently found use for it. So, hence the reset. But I noticed after the reset I couldn't update some apps associated with Google play services. I was originally getting a notification saying "Google play services, which some of your apps rely on, is not supported by my device". Then it randomly stopped appearing and the when I tried to up date a app, such as YouTube for example, it would say "An unknown error has occurred "-504"". So I tried clearing cache on download manager Google play services and play store. And when that didn't work I tried you sing APKs but each time I tried it said "App not installed". I then proceeded to try factory resetting again and same thing happened in thesame order as stated above. I tried changing my date and time, and then using airplane mode, but that didn't work. when I looked like all options were exhausted Im trying to turn to this form to see If I can get any new answers. If you can help me or think of something I would like to say Thank You! In advance.
    01-04-2019 08:45 PM

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