1. Android Central Question's Avatar
    I have been using Samsung message app. I installed the Google Messages app and went to change the default messaging app to the newly installed Google message app and get this error, "can't change default messaging app while transferring files" when. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and no changes; same error. Anyone received this message?
    01-07-2019 11:19 PM
  2. Alicia Cruz's Avatar
    I've gotten the same error code as well and can't find a way to fix it. Did as you did, tried clearing cache, restarted phone. Nothing. I wonder if it's a bug?
    01-18-2019 06:37 PM
  3. mkwright7's Avatar
    I've also been having this issue - phone quit receiving MMS messages yesterday, so I tried a few fixes, including switching out of my current messaging app (Pulse SMS) back to Samsung's app, and now it won't let me switch back. I've cleared the cache and done a network reset, and no dice. Anybody else figure out a solution?
    01-27-2019 03:46 PM
  4. jgray1975's Avatar
    I have been using google messenger for months now with out any issue. Accidenlty switched to the default message app. Tried to set google messenger to default and I am getting the same error. Tried clearing cache, uninstalling rebooting and reinstalling app but still get the same error. Anyone figured out this issue yet?
    02-28-2019 05:27 PM
  5. JMPGeneral's Avatar
    I am also having this problem on my S8, and I get this message not just with Google Messages but any I try to switch to. I contacted Samsung support, and they not only had no idea what was going on (they suggested I factory reset my phone), they said they'd never heard of this complaint. Hopefully, someone figures out a fix other than getting a new phone...
    03-19-2019 12:52 PM
  6. JMPGeneral's Avatar
    My phone updated today. I am not sure if the update had a name or number, but it changed the look of a lot of things, including the native messaging app. So, I tried to switch my default messaging app, and it worked. So, whatever the issue was this update will fix it.

    (Ironically, the changes to the messaging app make it more like Google messages, and I've decided against switching for now because it is so improved.)
    03-29-2019 08:33 PM

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