1. mjj55's Avatar
    Hello...am cranky! 2 days ago my messenger page just suddenly looked different- the main thing is that the background is white- that i can live with though i don't like it. What is very annoying is that the usual network bar across the top of the page has disappeared altogether. I have an android tablet and need available wifi for it to work. So when i am out i need to see if i am connected when i am on messenger. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. Having the connection bar on messenger meant i could see straight away. Now i have no idea. Where has it gone?! How do i get it back? Can i revert to the previous messenger setup or has it gone? Grrrr!
    01-11-2019 02:34 AM
  2. methodman89's Avatar
    So it's just the one message app that covers the top? Or all apps?
    01-11-2019 03:57 AM
  3. hallux's Avatar
    First off, we need some details. What messenger app? What device? What version of Android? Did you notice if the app updated prior to this change?

    Second - it kind of sounds like the messenger app is using "immersive mode" that hides the navigation bar at the bottom and the status bar at the top. Does this sound right? Maybe there's a setting in the app to control this?

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    01-11-2019 07:27 AM