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    I want to know how I can sync my note 9 calendar to my husbands Note 9 calendar.
    01-14-2019 05:17 PM
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    You can do this in 3 ways (that I can think of).
    1) Add each other's account to each other's phone (and just sync the Calendar portion of the spouse not owning each phone). This would create a copy of each other's calendars on each other's phones AS LONG AS THEY'RE SAVED TO THE CLOUD. If your Calendar items (or his) are saved just to the device, this won't work. Also, to keep things tidy, you have to make sure to save events to the appropriate account when creating new ones on each other's phones.
    2) Shared calendars. Depending on which service you use to store your calendar, you might be able to share or make your calendar 'public'. Your husband would then have to add the shared calendar to his and viceversa. This still keeps two separate calendars and only the owner of the shared calendar can create/modify items.
    3) Create a shared account used only for calendars. This would create a single calendar that can be synced on both phones (again, provided you keep events saved to the cloud account and not locally).
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    01-14-2019 05:57 PM

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