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Moto E5 Play charging notification

Asked: Jan 20 2019 | 11:33 pm EST 828 Views 1 Answers

My iPhone recently broke, so before I shelled out big bucks for another I thought I'd pick up a cheap Android device to see how the other half lives. Honestly, it's been nice so far. And at $79 the phone is a bargain. But ever since I got the phone about a week ago I've been getting a strange notification whenever I charge the device.

I continue to get a notification saying "Slow charging. Use the original charger." The thing is, I am using the original charger and micro USB cable the phone came with. I've tried doing resets and even wiping the phone completely. Still, the notification persists. Another strange thing is that the phone itself doesn't really seem to be charging all that slowly. The other morning I was at 5% so I plugged the phone in and went about my business. Just a few minutes shy of two hours later the phone hit 100%, but the notification to use the original charger was there again, too.

Could it be a bad charging brick or cable? I don't have a spare Micro USB laying around or I would have tested that already. Any other ideas?

Jan 21 2019 | 3:11 am EST B. Diddy

Welcome to Android Central! Make sure the charging port is clean -- use a can of compressed air to blow it out, and a toothpick to root around for any debris.

If that doesn't help, then trying a different cable/plug would really be helpful -- bring it to any electronics store and ask the salesperson if you can just test out any microUSB charger they have behind the desk.