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    I like to use my phone as a photo album. I have the photos on my Mac organised in folders. I used a file transfer on the Mac to the pixel and now have then in folders/albums under “photos on device”, but I would like them under albums so the places, people indexing works. I haven’t stored them on the cloud nor do I want to. I have over 1,000 24 mpix photos. Or does the indexing only work on the cloud?
    Any help appreciated
    01-29-2019 04:11 AM
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    The "album" name is the last name in the full file path/name, so a picture in /DCIM/Camera/2018/Christmas would show up in an album named Christmas.

    That can lead to confusion, because .../2018/Christmas is easily distinguishable from .../2017/Christmas, but they'll both show in albums named Christmas. And naming a folder holidays-2018-Christmas is a bit sloppy (you may also want trip-2018-Chrismas, grandma-2018-Christmas, etc.)

    Album names don't correspond one to one with folder names, unfortunately.
    01-29-2019 12:35 PM

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