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    On Oreo, I used DND >> Priority Only at night when going to bed, to keep my phone silent, unless certain family and friends called - in case of emergency. I also used DND >> Alarms Only when I wanted to not be disturbed by any calls. I used the app Notification Blocker from Handev Studio, to block the notification of a small number of apps at all times, but it would cache the notifications so I could browse through them at at time of my choosing. This worked mostly, sometimes the notifications would be blocked but my phone would still vibrate.

    I am now using Pie, and I can see in DND I can set it to allow calls through from starred contacts, but I cannot find another profile like Alarms Only, for when I do not want to be disturbed by any calls?

    Also, I have heard that using notification channels, I can achieve something like what the Notification Blocker app did, blocking apps but caching their notifications to browse later. I have been looking through the settings but have not been able to find the option, is this possible?
    01-29-2019 08:25 AM