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    My Android G4 died today. I am on Consumer Cellular and happy with both. I want to replace with a moto phone. Looking at Moto g5 plus or moto g6 from Motorola's site a compatibility chart and this:
    >Solid check mark - Device has been tested and carrier-certified to work on this network.
    >Hallow check mark -Device is compatible with service provider’s network but some service provider specific features may not be available.
    > — Device will not work on this network.

    Moto g5 plus Solid check mark
    Moto g6 Hallow check mark but saw some comments here that it works


    I really wanted to just order it from CC but don't like the options. Prices are similar 64GB.

    We bought original Moto G 1st gen and first smart phone. It was hell to set up and some of you saved me. I need this one to go smoothly and be ready to travel on 2/14

    What would you buy? Will the moto g5 plus be easier to set up? I use my phone alot but not for high techie stuff....

    Thank you for your thoughts.
    01-30-2019 01:51 AM
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    Just Found this on the Lenovo forum... I have a ATT sim

    Re: Consumer Cellular: MOTO G6 only 3G HSPA+ on ATT
    ‎09-16-2018 02:39 PM
    Well, this post can now be closed. Did another support chat and the Motorola agent, after directing me to use a diagnostic tool (useless) and asking me to send in the phone to see if it was defective (worked fine on Verizon for two weeks), she then referred me to the Motorola phone compatibility chart. Upon close inpsection I saw something I never noticed before...two types of checkmarks. Solid for tested and compatible and a checkmark outline only, showing compatible "but not all features may work."

    You guessed it, Verizon and TMobile dark solid checkmarks, Consumers Cellular and ATT the latter. I wish I had noticed this a week ago before going through the hassle.

    Mark this post: MOTO G6 will not be fully compatible with ATT or Consumer Cellular with ATT SIM. You can classify this as "Solved".
    01-30-2019 12:39 PM

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