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    I have a Samsung Note 9 running Android 8.1 with the Symantec VIP soft client running.

    I upgraded the Note 9 to Android Pie today and the Symantec Client stopped generating the 6 digit codes (it simply returned 000000).

    To fix the problem, I needed to in install the VIP client, then reinstall the client and re sync with our Symantec portal. After reinstalling Symantec VIP, it is working fine with Android Pie. Somehow the VIP client got into a bad state after the upgrade and I have several co workers reporting the same.

    Is there a known issue or anything we should check for (other than also posing the same question to Symantec)?

    Thank you
    02-01-2019 02:36 PM
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    The answer (from Symantec) is probably not going to satisfy you - it would probably be something like what you did - "the VPN has to be reinstalled". It's probably reading a few things from the OS when it installs, and after the update it's not finding something it found before the update. But as long as it reinstalls and works, it costs you less time than calling Symantec would.
    02-01-2019 04:57 PM

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