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    I have a moto droid force or something of the sort. On Verizon service. First time I had it for 4 months. An android update appeared at the top so I scheduled it for a night time update so that I didn’t lose service during the day not knowing how long update would take. I woke up to find the phone shut off. Attempted to power - nothing. Plugged in to charger, it turned on, but had 0% battery and refused to charge, then X over the service bars, and the kicker - an android guy at the top of screen with CQATest and Commserver has started message. I spent hours with Verizon support, they couldn’t fix or figure it out, told me to call Motorola. Called moto, spent an hour explain the same to rep, who kept telling me they never heard of this problem as a result of the update...IRONICALLY when you google this issue, the key words like “android update broke my phone zero battery zero service CQATest COMMSERVER” created thousands of forums of complaints of the same exact issue word for word, yes every support forum from android, moto, Lenovo and others, the reps keep saying that they haven’t heard of it nor that it has been reported before, yet it’s all over their forums. So I finally was able to get a level 2 moto support rep to call me after the weekend, who told me best he can do is send me a phone replacement. I had the phone for now 6 months, just as the warranty for replacement expired 3 days ago, and guess what, after I’ve avoid doing the ANDROID UPDATE as long as I could, I look at my phone this evening and it’s shut off, and again same thing, wouldn’t turn on until I put it on charger, and once it turned on, zero battery, no service, CQATest again appears on the phone, again it’s the weekend and I won’t be able to get any type of support until next week, so again no usable phone.

    As before I never believed in conspiracy that updates are meant to break users’ phones so that they will have to buy a new one, but after this type of a situation, I’m speechless. Most of all can’t understand how with all of this same exact issue being reported all over the web, every forum, the companies responsible for providing the tech support keep claiming that this is the first time they hear it??? In 6 months, 2 updates have completely ruined 2 phones. What is happening? Can anyone here provide any type of real support or acknowledgement that this is a reoccurring problem and whether there has been any fix to it?

    02-01-2019 11:49 PM

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