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    I use AndriodAuto when connected to my Ford Sync3 (connected via USB). AA connects fairly well (sometimes patchy) and I can punch in commands on my cars inbuilt screen just fine.
    When it comes to voice commands I press the voice button on my steering wheel - the google tone can be heard playing and the 'Google coloured voice bars' appear on the inbuilt screen - I say my command (i.e Call Joe Bloggs) but I cannot hear the response as the car(?) cuts out the Google response and resumes playing media (radio etc) with the Andriod Auto still open and apperently responding to my request. I can see its responding as the screen changes from the voice bars to the Google coloured circles (the loading symbol) then back to the voice bars waiting for my response. Problem is I don't know what its asking me to confirm (i.e call Joe Bloggs home or mobile etc) as nothing has come out the speakers. Now if I guess what question Google is asking me it will still carry out the command correctly, i've gotten fairly good at doing it.

    I'm using a Galaxy S9 and FordSync 3 both up to date to my knowledge.
    Thing is when I first got my car in November 2017 this worked just fine with my S9. Absolutly no problems what so ever.
    -I've tried getting the car to forget the device
    -I've uninstalled and reinstalled Andriod Auto
    -I've reset my car to factory settings
    Still have issues

    Can anyone help troubleshoot for me? Or experienced this? let me know if I need to clarify anything or add more info.
    02-06-2019 08:50 AM

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