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    All looks fine at first glance until you dig deeper and see I'm on Linux. Harassment and invasion of privacy for 6 months now.
    Already switched carriers and got a new device... whoever is doing it did it again. I read all they need to do is disguise a link and send it to you?
    I don't think my IMEI # is correct either.
    02-11-2019 01:11 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! What do you mean by digging deeper and seeing that you're on Linux? Android is based on Linux, so that's what you'd find on any Android device if you dug deep enough.

    Why don't you think your IMEI is correct?
    02-11-2019 03:55 PM
  3. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Most of the time, people see something they don't already understand on Android and automatically assume they are hacked. B. Diddy already brought up the two obvious points. The only other thing I'd ask is what are you experiencing that you would consider harassment or hacking? Simply discovering that Android is a Linux based operating system is not evidence of being hacked.
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    02-11-2019 04:57 PM
  4. L0n3N1nja's Avatar
    What harassment? What invasion of privacy? As already mentioned Android runs on Linux. Does your IMEI differ from what your carrier has listed or is it different than what is on the retail box?

    So far you've provided no information to suggest you've been hacked, if you had been your bank accounts would have probably been cleaned out and/ or your identity stolen.

    Please register an account to continue this discussion and provide more information. Odds of being hacked are very slim, but we won't know without more info.
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    02-11-2019 05:51 PM
  5. Hart89's Avatar
    Sorry all... Let me be more clear. Everything else says null... Network state, etc. There are package installers on my phone and apps that weren't there when I got it 3 days before (this new device). Confirmed with my carrier.
    It differs from what's on the box and phone. (the IMEI). It says the user name is Jenkins? Not sure if that means anything.
    I've had a bad year.. stalker. Domestic violence injury. And a bitter ex. So... Not far off.
    I had a PI just take a glance at my log and he said it looks hacked.
    I believe they have something on my release keys... Key logger?
    I've been doing nothing but 6 months of research.
    I hope I'm just paranoid but I don't think I am.
    02-11-2019 11:39 PM
  6. Hart89's Avatar
    And I've had to close my bank account... Someone tried to steal money from family members. There's a PayPal account in my email I can no longer access but doesn't have my social on it. The list goes on with weird stuff. So, unless I have terrible luck with phones, I think it's a hack.
    It even says user: Jenkins and time: November something @ 3:30am
    02-11-2019 11:42 PM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    That sounds really rough -- sorry to hear about your hardships. First, I hope you've contacted the proper authorities about all of this. Hacking another person's account and device (and, of course, stealing money from an account) is a serious crime.

    In terms of your phone, if it has truly been hacked, then the first step is to do a factory reset, and then set the phone up as a brand new phone (i.e., don't let it restore any backups and don't let it automatically reinstall any previous apps). Also, make sure you've changed the passwords of all of your sensitive accounts (and make sure the passwords aren't easy to guess, and aren't all the same). Where possible, turn on 2-factor authentication, and avoid using SMS as the 2nd factor, since that can be easily intercepted -- it's most secure when you use an authenticator app like Google Authenticator, or at the very least request the code be given to you over an automated phone call.

    If the suspicious apps still reinstall, then it's possible some malware was installed to the system root. This would mean that it could still be present after a factory reset. You'd have to reinstall the stock firmware to get rid of it (although I don't know how easy that is with that phone -- you may need to search more for that). It'd still be interesting to know the names of some of these suspicious apps.

    Good luck!
    02-11-2019 11:54 PM

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