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    Me and my mother have 2 Samsung Galaxy S9, we bought them ourselves but put them on my mother's ex account. Not long ago they broke up in pretty bad terms and wanted the phones back because they we're linked to his account, we told him no and kept them. This morning, he went ahead and called his phone company and reported them stolen. Now we can't activate them or anything related to a phone company. They're more like Samsung's tab now. Is there any possible ways of somewhat unpocking them to link them to another phone company or can we consider them useless? Thx to anyone who tries to find a solution.
    02-12-2019 03:07 PM
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    No. The networks share these blacklists and it's a network-level blacklist. There's nothing that can (legally) be done on the devices to get service activated on them at this point.

    Were the phones purchased outright and you just got a SIM card for the provider through his account? If so and you can provide a receipt showing you paid for them in full, showing your (or your mother's) name along with photo ID you MAY be able to get it reversed. Unfortunately, since he owned the account he held the "key" and the carrier thought they were legitimately his, and stolen when he said they were.

    If he was paying for them through the account - sorry, but he had every right to report them stolen if no effort was made to split them from his account and take over payment for them.

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    02-12-2019 03:31 PM
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    It's the owner of the phone (who paid for it and can prove it, as hallux said) who controls the blacklisting. So if either of you has the receipt (or can get one - if you paid by credit card, they should have a record, so should the credit card company), with that proof of payment and proof of ID (a driver's license), they'll take the phones off the blacklist.

    If he paid for them, they're his phones.

    Talk to the manager at the carrier's store if you don't have the receipt. Otherwise (if you have the receipt) any sales associate should be able to get them off.

    Then you'll have to get your own account (or your mother will) for both phones.
    02-12-2019 04:06 PM

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