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    I have no idea what's going on. I have two mobile games that keep telling me connection error and will not load. I know it's not my wifi because i can literally do everything else on it. Everything works fine except when i try to access mobile games that require an internet connection.
    I've cleard the cache
    I've restarted my phone
    I've cleared the play store cache
    I've reset network settings
    I've done the forget network and reconnected again
    NOTHING WORKS. I am honestly a bit desperate at this moment because those two apps are the ones i use the most. I also know for a fact that it's not the apps as my husband has them too and they're working perfectly fine. I should add he has the exact same phone i do. Honestly any help is welcomed. Btw i am posting this from my phone so clearly it is well connected to the internet yet i am still unable to start those apps.
    02-20-2019 03:57 AM
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    Wow, so much detail. Thank you for that. I was really hoping that when you said, "I know it's not my WiFi because..." I can turn off WiFi and they work on data. What phone do you have and what OS are you running?

    I've found that often apps will give you some ambiguous error like connection issues when it is unable to log you in. So do you have more than one Facebook or Google account that you switch between on your device? If you are using either as log-in credentials for these apps and you've changed to another even though you're on the same device, using the same app it may not recognize you.

    Since you haven't mentioned it I would be interested in knowing if switching to data allows you to log-in? Then we could say that yes it is WiFi related. Since your husband can access the games, I'm assuming over WiFi, and has the same device your log-in credentials are the only thing that differ between you. Do you know if these are games, since you didn't mention titles, that allow you to play from other devices? This would indicate that if you uninstalled them you would be able to install them and regain all of your progress. Perhaps a fresh install of the games is needed?
    02-20-2019 04:50 AM

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