1. Libluini's Avatar
    So, I'm kind of new here so hopefully I won't mess this up too much. Last year I got a bluetooth headset for my smartphone (an Acer Liquid Zest), since thanks to overusing it and some fall damage I had to have repaired, the phone jack developed a severe loose contact.

    Until last week, the bluetooth headset worked fine, with the occasional loss of music, but only ever for a couple minutes at a time, so I ignored the problem.

    Last week, around Friday, the headset stopped playing music again, but this time, the problem stuck. Since then, no music. The headset still works, though: It connects, I can hear and make phonecalls just fine, even the dumb machine voice that came with the thing still happily tells me "Set connected" every time I switch the headset on.

    I've already tried everything except a full system reset, since my phone is full with tons of crap I really don't want to back up und put back in, that would take ages.

    Nothing I've seen on this forum or in other places has helped so far.

    I've tried:

    -Deleting the bluetooth connection and re-pairing.
    -Clicking on the little gear next to the connection and switching media audio on and off
    -Clearing the Bluetooth-share cache
    -Deleting all of the Bluetooth-share data (this made the music show up for a second, then it was gone again and the problem was back)
    -Rebooting the phone
    -Doing the steps 3-4 and then rebooting the phone
    -Switching the phone off, then on again
    -Switching the headset on and off
    -Deleting all bluetooth connections, switching the bluetooth-function of my phone off and on again.
    -Doing all of the above steps again, with growing frustration.

    Right now I'm forced to listen through my wonky phone jack, trying not to move my phone too much.

    I'd really like to solve this odd problem and start using my bluetooth headset again. Any help?
    02-25-2019 05:22 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Since it's a problem that developed, without seeing the phone I couldn't be sure, but it could even be due to the headphone jack. However, you could try BTmono. That can send things that don't go to BT via BT anyway. Run it, then it off (woth the n and off buttons in the app), start the music, then turn BTM on.
    02-26-2019 11:46 AM

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