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    Ok, so I have a Lava R1 phone android 6.0, but I have full phone storage, but when I look at the settings, my total data is over 8 GB (apps,images,other,etc etc), but the total data is 16 GB? Then when I try to access the file manager, nothing shows up, it only says empty folder. I don't know what to do, pls help
    03-05-2019 08:46 AM
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    First, the phone's storage is partitioned into many partitions - Android system, recovery and probably (I'm not familiar with the Lava) bootloader, among them. One of them is userdata (or some name close). That's the only partition you can save or install anything to. But that partition isn't 16GB, the entire phone is. Between Android, recovery, bootloader (or download if they follow Samsung's way of doing things), efs and a few others, you have just over 8GB left, and if you've filled it, you have no more free storage. (None of the other partitions show in a file manager, just Android. And not system folders or app folders that don't have read permissions for "everyone" (which is just about all apps). If you look in /data, you'll see an empty folder - it's not, it's filled with folders that hold the data for all your apps, but each one has read permissions for its app, and you're not the app. (If the phone is rooted, you can see all the things you can't see if it's not rooted - root has permissions for everything - including deleting every single file on the Android partition if you make a typo, which is why the manufacturers don't want you to root the phone. They don't want the "my phone suddenly won't voot or anything" calls.)
    03-05-2019 04:48 PM

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