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    I have a stylo 3 through straight talk. I have Hotspot and I'm allowed to use it. I use it every single day. My husband has straight talk and he's got a galexy 8 and he uses his Hotspot everyday to. So I'm not sure why we can and others can't.
    03-12-2019 07:08 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    I'm not familiar with Straight Talk, but I guess there may be different plans, some allowing it, others not?
    03-12-2019 07:14 PM
  3. gister's Avatar
    Had similar situation. Was out of town with ST phone, needed wifi connection for work..and tried the tether option for laptop. It worked and continued to use it until I refilled the plan (25g's) then it was shut down.

    Its been pointed out that ST contract prohibits the phones from tethering as I was using..had no idea, but someone (ST)pulled the plug. Was disappointed because it worked out so well and could complete work assignment.

    Wonder why data plans for "hotspot" only are more expensive than the droid phone plans. Can anyone explain this other than just another way to extract extra $$$ ?
    05-11-2019 07:55 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    People using laptops and desktops usually download larger files or stream video (which is more data). Also, if you tether, you can connect 4 or 5 devices and the whole family can be downloading and streaming (which uses more data).
    05-11-2019 02:25 PM

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