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    My Samsung 7 Edge had (all my devices have been cleaned by the Geek Squad since then, including this PC) contacted a virus thru an old aged, before its time, app called 'webDave'. I looked it up. It's an http microsoft protocal app used nowadays, that any person with a two year degree as a Microsoft Specialist can do a little tweaking to create a slow moving virus that slowly creeps through your router and modem, then dangerousy gets into every device, including apple devices, that is getting signals through your wifi. I am amazed to find that I had been targeted directly by someone I knew for monetary gain. They deleted all my subpoena results sent to me by my atty that I had saved in ibooks. They also got into my calendar and maps on my Samsung 7. I had to take my modem and router back and get a new one, buy a new cellphone, take my PC in for cleaning at Geek Squad, etc. Time consuming and money draining. What can I do about NEVER having to go thru this again with my new Samsung Note 9. It's a long story, but one that needs to be mentioned in this and all other websites. Does anyone have any information or suggestions for me regarding this? Like should I contact the police?
    03-15-2019 03:31 AM

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