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    I'm experiencing 3 issues with my new S10E (unlocked / bought direct from Samsung, AT&T provider, not registered with Google):
    - First is that it won't connect to the internet. I've read some posts online that it's because the APN isn't properly set, but I've tried every combination with no avail. The SIM comes from my old S7, and was working perfectly there. I updated also my IMEI with my provider, AT&T. I understand others are having this problem.
    - Whenever my screen is off (always-on is turned on), and I pick up and look at the screen, it's like I pressed the 'on' button. It's not just motion or squeezing the wrote parts, because I've tried moving it around tons and as I'd normally hold it, without pointing it at my face, and it does not turn on. Is this a 'feature' that I can turn off somehow?
    - I have the 'move to trash' feature enabled on my phone, but when I delete an image, it tells me it cannot move the image to trash. I can, though, immediately delete if I disable the 'trash' option. To note, my phone is not registered to Google or anything (I have no Google account), and I'm wondering if that is necessary and my not having it is what throws the error?

    Thanks for any help!!
    03-15-2019 11:23 PM
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    1. No idea. You'd have to take it up with your carrier.

    2. Likely you have lift to wake active. In my S9 with OneUI, it's on settings>advanced features>motions and gestures>lift to wake. If you have Face Unlock, which is actually fast, it will unlock pretty quick and you might not see the lockscreen at all.

    3. Yes. It needs a Samsung account for that feature to work. All your photos will be synced to your Samsung Cloud, and if you delete a photo, it will be removed from your phone while the copy on the cloud will be moved to Samsung Cloud's trash bin. This means that space will be freed up on the phone, but the photo is still temporarily retrievable from cloud.
    03-15-2019 11:34 PM

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