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    Hello everyone.
    I have an LG Rebel 4, running Android 8.1. I'm a very new smartphone owner (less than 4 months).
    A while ago, I turned on the "Disable alerts during game" option. I have no memory of how I did this.
    Since then, a gray-boxed message saying "Disable alerts during game is on" repeatedly appears near the bottom of the screen. It pops in and out on about 10-second intervals whenever I'm not in an app. It has even shown up over the keyboard when I'm texting.
    Could someone please tell me how to make this message stop appearing?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
    03-20-2019 12:35 AM
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    Thread bumped.
    03-23-2019 08:31 PM
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    I looked for hours to figure out how to do this. While in game, scroll up from the bottom and you'll get the normal triangle, circle, square buttons but while in game, there's a fourth to the far left. Press it then it gives the option to disable disable alerts during game.
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    11-01-2019 12:22 PM
  4. Salenaluna's Avatar
    When I scrolled up the game tools and turned off disable alerts, I found that it just turned itself right back on again. Also the show banners for calls feature didn't work. Even when I turned off the gametools feature in my settings, that same disable alerts grey box still came up every time. Only when I turned off the game launcher and gametools in my settings - (under general - gaming), did I finally get calls and alerts to come thru.
    01-21-2021 08:54 PM
  5. tax73's Avatar
    Okay so in order to turn this off you have to go into your setting, go to gaming and on there you will see something to enable game tools. enable that. Go into a game, and swipe from where your buttons are at and you will an extra 4th button with a gaming controller on it, tap it and there you will see a way to enable alerts during a game is on.
    02-01-2021 06:18 PM

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