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    Up until a few days ago I had no issues with using Android Auto on my Alpine iLX-207 stereo with my Google Pixel 3 phone. Now I'm getting a message that says USB device is not compatible. My phone connects via Bluetooth to the stereo just fine however Android auto does not come up as a feature in the stereo to use as a previously was doing.

    This happened previously with a LG phone, and the problem ended up being that LG didn't have the Android auto patch in their software. As Android auto is a Google feature I highly doubt that Google didn't put this feature in their pixel 3 phone during my last software update this week. However since the last software update my phone's no longer compatible with my stereo.
    04-12-2019 02:20 PM
  2. Shannon Chapman12's Avatar
    I'm having a similar issue with my 2019 Hyundai Kona and Pixel 3. Both have Android Auto...and I can connect with my bluetooth...but I can't get my Android Auto to work properly. With the last update...I got about 30 seconds of WAZE working on my car system...but never again. I bought the Pixel 3 because it was supposed to work with my car's wireless charging and also for the USB corded connection to the display. Help!!!
    04-18-2019 12:05 AM

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