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    Recently purchased a Fusion5 F704B android tablet from Amazon. Although the specifications say that it has A-GPS, it will not work with any of the common navigational applications that I've downloaded to it, such as Google Maps. Every application says to go to device settings and turn location settings on, which I've done. There are three listed modes: High Accuracy, which uses both GPS and WiFi for better accuracy when assisted by WiFi.. Battery Saving Mode, which only uses WiFi, and Device Only, which is only GPS. I've selected Device Only, which should be just GPS, but the unit always reverts to Battery Saving Mode, and the navigational applications stop working. There seems to be no support, online documentation, etc anymore from Fusion5. Any thoughts?
    04-20-2019 02:08 PM
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    Use high accuracy.

    And about the only documentation I can find for the Fusion5 F704B is https://fccid.io/2AIKX-FUSION5W104/U...Manual-3037670, which should have come with it.

    You could try installing GPS Status & Toolbox so you can see what's happening with the GPS receiver (assuming that there really is one in a $60 tablet). If GPS Status & Toolbox says it's not working (you don't receive satellites) or you receive satellites but don't get a fix after about 4 minutes, it may be a defective tablet, and you should get it replaced.
    04-20-2019 05:31 PM

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