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    I recently learned that samsung, for whatever money-related reason, has adoptive storage disabled on their phones. So I'm trying to use ADB to set my SD card as internal, but no matter what I do, it doesn't work.
    I am using a verizon samsung J7 phone with 16 GB
    My SD card is 64 GB
    I am running android version 8.1.0, and samsung experience 9.5.
    The commands I am running is as follows
    cd C:\adb
    adb devices
    adb shell
    sm list-disks
    sm force-set-adoptable true
    sm partition disk:[###,## (the numbers change every time)] private
    sm force-set-adoptable false
    sm list-volumes all

    And it still shows as "public"
    Ive tried everything, from restarting my phone afterwords to unmounting it. Nothing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated as 16 GB just isnt cutting it for me.
    04-20-2019 07:11 PM
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    Samsung never implemented adoptive storage. (It's not in Pixels either, since they don't have SD cards, so I guess you can say that it's not in Android - it's added by some manufacturers.) The reason they didn't is because of the way Android works - all apps must keep their current state at all times. (In Windows, if there's not enough free RAM to run the program you want to run now, Windows swaps something to disk - in its current state, with its current data. Android just kills an app you haven't used in a while to make space. If the app didn't keep track of where it is - always, when you went to recents and tried to run a recent app, it would start from the beginning - not what you want.)

    So an app that's changing hings constantly is writing constantly. SD cards are rated in number of write cycles. Using ne as adoptable storage can kill it quickly.

    But the reason you can't "use ADB to set my SD card as internal storage" is that the code for internal storage (adoptable storage) isn't in the phone. I don't agree with much of what Samsung does, which is why I don't buy their phones any more, but this is one decision of theirs that I agree with. So from now on, either buy a Samsung or LG with enough internal storage for your needs (LG doesn't implement it either), or use a phone that does - and be prepared to replace SD cards often. (I don't mean every week, but I have some cards that are 25 years old - and still work. No one needs a 32MB - not GB, MB - card, but at the time, 32MB in a shirt pocket was fantastic - that's 22 floppies.) A cheap card used as adoptable storage could, depending on what apps are on it, fail in weeks or months - and that's fast.

    And that's why people buy new phones every few years - a 16GB phone is so 2015, and "small" phones these days have 64GB internal storage. They're getting up into the 1TB internal range now. (Not that even a software junkie like I am needs that much, but that's where we're heading.)
    04-20-2019 10:51 PM

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