1. Pooneh's Avatar
    Hello all !

    I have an old HTC DESIRE, ANDROID 2.2.
    I'm going to transfer all my sms to a new device, SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S4.
    Unfortunately. I couldn't find andy useful BACKUP AND RESTORE SMS APPS, because all of the apps are suitable for higher android and they don't support me device.

    Please help me how I can fix my problem.

    Many thanks,

    04-27-2019 03:10 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    You;ll have to root the Desire (which is also going to be a problem) and pull the SMS database file from it. (Or fine an old version of a Nandroid backup program, back the phone up and pull the SMS database file from that.)

    Then you'll have to use a backup app on the Tab to see the format of the file it uses, and change the format of the file you pulled. (Always use a copy of the file when you're going something like this, so if you mess it up, you can just delete the file you're working on, make another copy and start again.) Then use that file to restore those texts to the Tab.

    Or find someone who knows a little bit about file manipulation to do it for you. (SMS files are normally just text files, just not in a very friendly format.)
    04-28-2019 01:49 PM

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