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    Recently my phone has been having a problem.i was using my phone but when i got a new phone i decided to flash my old phone n used it for music only(j1)
    So one day i wanted to put some music buh my J1 went off.I decided to put in on but then there was some writing "ODIN MODE..DOWNLOADING...DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET...I waited for some minutes buh then the screen went off.i thought that everything was now fine buh when i restarted the same problem was persisting.I removed the battery and put in back but still.
    I googled in Youtube about the solution to my problem.They instructed me to download a file in a laptop so i did so buh nothing helped.This is the second day and my phone is not willin to charge nor to be on.I thought the problem was the battery buh when i tried putting it in another phone it worked(battery)Please help i really love my phone.Thank you
    05-02-2019 05:32 AM
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    You don't have Android on the phone. The default is recovery, but if there's no recovery, the phone drops to the bootloader (which, in Samsung phones, is download mode). You'll have to get Odin and a ROM image for that variant of the J1, and reflash the phone. See [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN. (It may be scary at first, it can take 15 minutes for the first start-up, but after you've done it a while, you'll wonder if boredom can really kill you.)
    05-02-2019 03:12 PM

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