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    I have an android phone that I need to remotely lock. However, when doing so via Android Device Manager, the old screen lock pattern code still works. I need to remotely lock it with a new and different password -- one that only I know.

    Any idea how to do this?
    05-02-2019 02:21 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! It's not possible with Find My Device -- that only lets you create a screen lock if the phone didn't have one set in the first place. If the phone already has a screen lock set, Find My Device will tell you that creating a screen lock isn't necessary since it is already set.

    Is there a reason why you need to change it remotely? Did someone steal it, and you're afraid they know your current password?
    05-02-2019 04:18 PM
  3. MoMo321's Avatar
    We bought the phone for our daughter with certain conditions which she is not meeting. As a result we want to lock the phone until such time as she agrees to live by the rules that we agreed to (we would rather do this than physically take the phone away).

    But, as you noted, we cannot do this via Find My Device. We are therefore wondering if there is some other way of doing this (or something similar).

    In short, we would like to find a way of disabling her phone until such time as she lives up to her end of the bargain.
    05-05-2019 05:56 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    In that case, you may want to look into some kind of parental control app. I use Google Family Link, but that's because my kid is under 13. Check out this list: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/best-pa...view-2258.html
    05-05-2019 12:37 PM
  5. MoMo321's Avatar
    Thanks -- I'll take a look.

    But, if I understand correctly -- there is nothing we can until a parental control app is installed on the phone.

    Again, thanks for your help.
    05-06-2019 10:32 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Who's your carrier? I assume she's on a family plan with you -- see if the carrier has any parental control options. Even if they don't, one possibility would be cut off cell service to her line only. She could always still connect to wi-fi (but you could probably block her phone on your home network using your router's settings).
    05-06-2019 10:54 AM
  7. MoMo321's Avatar
    We are in Israel -- so it's a bit different.

    And we did put an internet filter on the phone when we bought it -- and with that we were able to shut down all the apps on the phone. However, she could still use sms and other aspects of the phone itself.
    But it was the sms that was the problem (she was addicted and couldn't stop). So what we just did is cancel the line.

    We now have the option of getting her a line that does not allow for sms (which I think we are going to do).

    With that said, what we could use now is an app that limits when and how long she can use other apps for. For example -- after 10pm she cannot use app X. And she can only use app X for 1 hour per day.

    Do you know any app that can do that?

    By the way -- thanks for all of your help -- much appreciated.
    05-08-2019 10:02 AM
  8. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Google Family Link may still be worth trying: https://families.google.com/familylink/faq/
    05-08-2019 11:53 AM

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