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    Let's say I have edited a photo in an editing app and saved it. I then share it via Whats App. I am finding that I end up with several versions of the same picture. The original in say 'Camera' (expected), the saved edit in the Polaar app (I'd prefer it in 'Pictures' on the SD card and the posted picture in the Whats App, app.
    This all seems terribly clumsy and creates duplicates which a duplicate finder app doesnt find if the size is slightly different or the file name has been changed.
    I find it rather annoying and dont understand why the apps - most do it - keep copies. Is it because most users dont manage files or do housekeeping but just blunder on oblivious to the system structure?
    Thanks for any advice or tips.
    05-05-2019 05:23 AM
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    First you're kind of right. The average user probably doesn't care and probably cares less where the photos are stored as long as they can open their Gallery or Photos app and find what they are looking for but some times settings can be changed to eliminate the clutter. For example some editing apps may ask if you want to save the edit and overwrite the original, while others will assume that the user wants the original and is maybe only editing it to highlight something or for some other mundane reason but still wants both the original and the edit. As for the sharing apps, my guess and just my opinion, would be that they create an archive for you and possibly for themselves as well. You can go to this folder quickly find the photos that you've shared without having to dig through hundreds, possibly thousands, of photos that you haven't categorized, labeled, captioned or done anything to except taken and stored somewhere. For example you say you shared a photo on WhatsApp, it was beach sunset let's say, and here it is November of the following year and you'd like to show someone you work with this beach photo. If it didn't archive it now you have to go back through all of the photos you've taken for the last year and a half to find this one photo. You may find the month you took it but you took 20 photos of sunsets but that one had not only the sunset but that bird on the horizon that caught the light just right to look like something else. Now you're opening 20 photos trying to find this one that you were just talking about. It's a lot of work and time and maybe you just wanted to share it real quick. Go to your WhatsApp folder and it's the only one you shared so presto here it is. I'm only guessing this is why but it's as good a reason as any other. If you really want to cut down on the clutter find an editing app that either (A) asks if you want to overwrite the original or (B) gives you the option to save the photo to a location that you specify. As for the sharing apps, you'll have to contact a developer and talk to them about options.

    I will say that all of the editing apps I have, and I have about 3 that I use pretty often, give you the option to save the photos to a destination of my choosing. I however like the fact that they don't get mixed in with my everyday photos because I sometimes revisit them to turn into memes or just share on other media platforms. So the edit I use for iFunny may not be the same edit I use for Instagram or Twitter, if I still shared on those sites. LOL.
    05-05-2019 05:59 AM
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    The pictures any app sees are the ones found by Media Scan when it scans the phone. This saves time, since each app doesn't have to scan the entire phone every time it looks for a picture. (The same thing happens for any media files - videos, music, etc.) A picture editor should leave the edited version in the same folder it stated with, but rename the picture, or rename the original to indicate that it's a backup, the way text editors do.

    As for WhatsApp, when you upload a file to it, you shouldn't see an additional picture, but if you look at it on WhatsApp, it's going to download a copy, so you see that.

    You could create a "picture backup" folder, and create a file in there named .nomedia (leading dot and all lower case) and put all the originals in there after editing them - nothing in that folder will be found unless you go to that folder specifically.
    05-05-2019 12:05 PM

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