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    Ok so I've had my j36v for maybe 2 years now or so? its held up really good for what i use it for and its worked well since about the past month or 2. i started noticing a few months ago that when my phone battery gets down to about 5 percent it will automatically shut off automatically. i just shrugged it off because i still get a good 95% of my battery. As time has progressed though its gotten worse and worse. just last week it would die at 29%. so I just charged up my phone from yesterdays death (at about 40%) and turned it on and have used it until it died at 51%. usually when gets near death the screen will start acting funny like there is water on the screen or like there are multiple people touching it. after a few seconds of it acting up it will either 1. shut off and go to the battery dead screen or 2. began constantly rebooting itself then after two or three reboots it will go to the battery dead screen. some people have recommended rooting my phone and clearing battery stats and all that but i don't really want to root my phone if im not certain it will fix it. I also don't want to buy a another piece of crap phone that will certainly break in a matter of years forcing me to buy another stupid phone. ive already upgraded from a galaxy s4 which i like much better. so the two things im told to do is root and clear battery stats or buy a new battery. No idea why this is happening but thanks in advance.
    05-28-2019 10:08 AM
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    is this rather just a rant or do you seek for advice?

    why won't you just replace the battery or let some shop do it? you don't have to replace the phone cuz off a dying battery
    05-28-2019 10:26 AM
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    Your best bet is to:

    A) Buy a replacement battery and hope it's a good one (as old as the phone is, you may get one that's old stock and already at a reduced capacity), and

    B) When you do replace the battery, stop letting it drain below 40% if at all possible. Li-ion batteries are not a deep cycle battery, and draining it to zero will kill it rather quickly.
    05-28-2019 11:12 AM

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