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    The battery can be at any percent between 49 to 50. It often shuts down between 49 or 50 and once it shuts down it cannot be turned on. I have to charge it from zero percent again. I have changed batteries but it remains the same.
    One more thing, the percentage won't decrease for a long time. It stays put on say 41, then after using for a bit it suddenly starts draining rapidly and shuts down before it hits zero percent.
    06-07-2019 12:28 AM
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    What device do you have?

    How long have you had this device?

    When you say, you've changed batteries, do you mean that you have more than one battery that you rotate throughout the day to get you through or you started having issues and bought a new battery?

    From what you've described, not having the answers to any of my questions, it sounds like you need a battery. It is typical behavior when batteries have reached their end for them to charge really fast, die really fast, die while showing percentages higher than 0 to 5% and having percentages that seem to not change even while being used.

    You can try to reset/calibrate your battery. You can Google how to do this for your model of phone but for most it's holding the vol up and down buttons while holding the power button, so three fingers and maybe two hands, for about 1 minute. The phone will cycle on and off several times during this process. When complete charge the phone to 100% and test it.

    I highly doubt it is app related but you could also run the phone in Safe Mode and test your usage. Again you'll have to Google how to start your phone in Safe Mode since I am unable to give you direction without knowing the device.

    If you decide to replace the battery again you may also want to look into a new charging cable if you feel the batteries are ending up in this state before the average life span has passed. Poor or arcing connections can lead to battery damage and/or premature failure. If you charge overnight you may not notice the long charge times from a poor or weak connection.

    Feel free to become a member to reply to this thread. It's free and only takes a few minutes to set up. Having a two way conversation makes getting help easier and faster.
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    06-07-2019 02:51 AM

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