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    I was playing pubg in my note 8 with headphone. Suddenly the left side got silent. But the headphone is doing ok in other devices. I checked the phone with other headphones and they couldn't play through both side too. Restarting didn't work. Please help me in other ways guys.
    06-07-2019 03:38 AM
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    What kind of headphones are you using, wired, wireless, 3.5mm, USBC, 3.5 to USBC?

    It sounds like, just from what I see in your comment, that your phone jack is dirty. Because of the segmented design of 3.5mm jacks each segment must make contact with a contactor in the jack. If one of those contacts becomes dirty that channel is lost. Since you describe it happening while in game play it is less likely but possible that the jack has something in the bottom of it that is not allowing your plug to fully seat. When this happens some connectors mat still make contact and operate normally but one or two may be lost due to the taper design of the jack and plug. Again preventing the contact and stopping channels from working. That is where I would start.

    To clean the jack; for bottom obstructions, push a tooth pick straight into the jack until it touches the bottom and move it around slightly but firmly (against the bottom only, touching the contacts may damage them) and then turn the device over and observe if debris falls out of the jack. Then test. Compressed air can be used as well.

    If contacts are dirty try blowing out the jack with compressed air. Place the tip of the compressed air straw near the bottom of the hole and blow to drive debris out. If it is still not working place the plug in the jack and gently twist it both left and right one full rotation, then slide it in and out of the jack 2 to 5 times and blow it out again with the same method. Then test.

    I would advise against using cotton swabs for any cleaning process because they can leave behind fibers and if ill fitted can physically damage the contacts in the jack if twisting or pulling motions are used.
    06-07-2019 08:05 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    If it's a plug-in headphone, the jack (or possibly the motherboard) has to be replaced (so get an estimate first - the phone may not be worth the repair if you need a new motherboard). If they're Bluetooth headphones, you definitely need a new motherboard.

    And regardless of what you see on YouTube, I strongly suggest that you not try to do it yourself. Some people take phones apart, put them back together and they work, but the majority don't work, and many repair shops won't work on the phone after you had it open.
    06-08-2019 01:57 PM

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