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    My identity was stolen and all of my accts hacked. Im very tech stupid, so whenever i see something i dont understand, i ask questions.
    06-13-2019 03:51 AM
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    Did you also ask this? https://forums.androidcentral.com/as...ml#post6563073. Because the two items seem to be related: https://forum.unity.com/threads/unit...warded.432359/ (search that page for both wifiwatchdogstatemachine and iwlanpercheck).

    Since you say you're "tech stupid," there's a very good chance that if you go looking into the nuts and bolts of how the phone works, you're going to encounter lots of things you don't understand. This could send you into a spiral of anxiety and distrust. If you feel that you can't decrease this level of hypervigilance, then the two main things I can suggest to you are (a) take an intensive training course on how Android devices work and how to code, so that you can understand all of the various components in use, or (b) strongly consider downgrading to a featurephone (aka "dumbphone"), which will significantly decrease your risk for being hacked. Good luck!
    06-13-2019 04:18 AM

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