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    Hi, a bit of clarification on the question. This is for long time android users around 2015

    When Google + Photos was starting to dissolve, Google made Drive a photo backup service briefly that could be used without a Google + account. When Google Photos was then released in May 2015, splitting away from the Plus app, did Google stop offering Photo Backup on launch of the app for Drive and start prioritising it for Google Photos? Meaning if I was to log in to google drive it wouldn’t automatically ask if I wanted to backup photos? don’t know if anyone remembers this far back, but I lost my email from back in 2015 and wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have accidentally sent all my private photos to the cloud. I don’t remember ever using Photos but I do remember opening Drive in late 2015 and I wanted to make sure I didn’t enable the photo backup by accident, this would really give me piece of mind. I want to make sure Google Photos took over the photo backup from the Google Drive app when it was released. Thanks for your help
    06-13-2019 07:12 AM
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    Are you referring to another thread? If so, please register on this forum so that you can continue the discussion in that thread, instead of creating a new thread. Join the Android Central Community! - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com
    06-14-2019 03:13 AM
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    Hi, edit: this question should read “was google drive auto backup automatically enabled upon opening the app with a gmail account being used on the phone?” I wrote it wrong and want to make sure I’m phrasing my question properly”

    This is a question for users that remember google drive auto backup from April 2015

    This is a follow up to a previous question I asked when I didn’t have an Android central account. All of Google’s many auto backups confused me. Basically-

    I had a gmail account made for me that I lost the username and password for. This was when Google Drive started offering auto photo backup (back when google photos had broken away into its own app from google + photos) in 2015. I had an EE Mini Harrier

    I didn’t back up my account to my phone and only used it for gmail. I know that when you open google photos it asks you whether you want to auto backup your photos, but what about before that when google drive started offering auto photo backup? That wasn’t enabled automatically upon opening the app was it? It was my understanding that you had to go into settings and toggle “Auto backup.” I’m really worried that google drives auto backup was enabled automatically when I opened the app and I need some peace of mind that this isn’t the case and I had to do it manually. I.e. google wouldn’t have auto enabled photo backup without asking. It doesn’t usually do that. I hate using cloud and I want to make sure it didn’t do it without asking me first, like with Google photos when it asks you to enable and doesn’t do it automatically. Google photos also came pre installed on my phone so maybe by then, Android prioritised google photos backup over google drive backup anyway? Some say you needed to sign in on the google photos app to use drive auto photo backup functionality?

    I’m assuming that it doesn’t because I would have seen my photos in drive after I opened the app, but I need someone to assure me this isn’t the case

    Another edit: forgot to mention I got my phone in June so wouldn’t google photos auto backup had taken over google drive photo backup by then?

    Thank you for this
    06-14-2019 06:48 AM
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    I merged your threads. Trying to figure out which was your first post -- was it this one? https://forums.androidcentral.com/as...ml#post6562429

    Did you already try recovering that old Google account? Google Account Recovery. (If you have absolutely no idea what the associated email address was, then I don't think you'l be able to.)

    I don't know the definitive answer for you, but if I had to guess, I'd say that Google Drive did not have the auto-backup feature for photos turned on automatically.
    06-14-2019 10:25 PM

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