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    My alcatel idol 4 is doing my head in and so are you your advice is repetitive and and not helping I cant sign in after rebooting and erasing my phone I havent changed my gmail password and signing in with the email is was registered to before and still wont work I bought the phone for £190 brand new I want my money back and were to send this piece of crap back to never had such an arse ache with a phone before in my entire life you need to stop making phones and make something that you cant mess up like carpet details asap on were to send back and send check for money get in touch with me send me a contact number I dont care alcatel is pathetic and useless
    06-16-2019 03:06 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Are you saying that you’ve asked us for help over this before? We receive many questions and unless whoever tried to help sees this and remembers your original question thread, we can hardly proceed further. It’s best to register as a member so that you can respond to help offered in your original thread, rather than than keep posting new threads as a guest.

    So far as I can make out: You bought a new phone; set it up successfully; factory reset it for some reason; and now cannot set it up again because your account details are not recognised. Correct in every detail? If not, we need to know.
    06-16-2019 06:13 PM
  3. belodion's Avatar
    No reply after 13h, so presumably correct in every detail. In that case, what you describe makes no sense.
    06-17-2019 08:02 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Oftentimes our advice is repetitive because members keep asking the same questions over and over again, many times within the same thread, without giving clear details.

    It sounds like the problem isn't with Alcatel themselves, but rather that the phone belonged to someone else at some point, and after doing a factory reset, it's asking for that person's Google account information, not yours. So I'm guessing you didn't buy this phone brand new, but rather as a used phone (or possibly a poorly refurbished phone) from a private seller or some reseller. Your beef is with them.

    By the way, this is an independent community forum, without any direct affiliation with Alcatel, Google or any other company. So don't tell us to stop making phones, because we never did.
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    06-18-2019 10:16 PM

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