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    I have browsed several forums and pots, but haven't found my problem.

    I have Oukitel MIX 2 for almost a year now. Some time ago, it fell on the floor and turned itself off. By putting the back lid off and moving with the battery a bit helped, and since then it worked.

    Last week, the phone started to turn off by its will, sometimes I had to take the back lid off, then it turned on.

    Finally, day before yesterday, I had problems with charging it properly. I had to find a specific position, in which the phone would charge.

    Yesterday, it died on me. When I plugged it to the charger, it turned on and stayed at 1% for 10 soild minutes (usually it would charge fast). I tried another socket, and for 27 minutes on charger, it stayed on 1 %. Sometimes, it swiched between charging and not charging (I had to place it in the 'special charging position' for it to charge). Of course, it turned itself off again. Next, it wouldn't even turn on - just showed OUKITEL logo and then dissapeard as the brightness went down.

    I also tried to take the lid off, tried to take off the battery (I have torn the copper tape) and thought that was the problem - torn tape. But today, it started just fine, except again, only 1 percent and turned itself off.

    I also tried to run the boot system. After choosing any option, black screen.

    Can anybody tell me what is going on? At least how could I save data saved on that phone? I am grateful for any opinon, because I ran out of ideas.

    Thank You for your time.

    Best regards

    06-19-2019 08:21 AM
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    At 1%, it's probably going to take about half an hour to precharge, during which time, the percentage won't change. If you want to do it the cheap way, plug the charger in, with the phone turned off, and leave it alone for about 4 hours.

    Then plan on getting a new battery for it. Dropping the battery to 1% too often kills it (as in it won't take a charge). Lithium batteries are not deep-discharge batteries. For longest life, keep the battery between 40% and 95%. (If it drops to 40% and you can't charge it, turn it off.)

    We don't use lithium batteries because they can take abouse, we use them because they can be made thin and they're the lightest metal there is at normal temperatures. (Hydrogen is lighter, but it doesn't become metallic until you get it down to -434.5°F (-259.2°C). And you don't want to carry that cooling system around.) Even a Gel cell battery can take a lot more abuse, but a 6 Volt Gel cell battery (they come 2 Volts per cell) weighs a little over a pound for a "small" one (it's 2.57 in X 1.28 in X 4 in for a 3200mAh battery).
    06-20-2019 04:13 PM

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