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    i just got a new phone and noticed an issue with metadata which i have never experienced on my previous phones.

    whenever i download a video online (for example a YouTube or Twitter uploaded in 2013), Google Photos somehow finds the original metadata and sorts the video way down the gallery with that date making it hard to find immediately. it even affects my WhatsApp

    how do i stop this?
    06-19-2019 09:24 AM
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    What you need, and I've never been able to find (and I'm not writing one) is an Android file touch app. (So you can tell it to "touch" the picture file and give it today's date, or you can touch it with a date and time to give it that date and time.) (If you have busybox and a terminal app installed, you can do it that way - type touch --help to see what you can do.) You could even cp nul > your_file. (Try it on a dummy file first - a copy of a file - because it may make the file unreadable.) but that will make the "Last Modified Date" of the file "now". You modified it by adding nothing to it.

    If you're talking about the EXIF data (metadata usually refers to EXIF data in pictures, it doesn't refer to the "Last Modified Date" of the file, there are many EXIF editors in the Play store. Use one of them to change the EXIF date and time. (If you're talking about a lot of files, there are EXIF modifier utilities that will allow you to modify a list of files, and some even take a file as an argument with a list of filenames and timestamps, so you can be lazy and create a text file with that list, with different timestamps for different files, then just change the EXIF data in all of them by running the program and telling it the name of the text file.)
    06-20-2019 03:49 PM

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