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    HI I need suggestion which phone to buy Vivo v15, Samsung A50, Oppo f11 pro. I will buy at store!! not online. I can found only these by far in my country. These 3 are same ram 6gb, 128gb storage. However I have difficult time to choose.
    06-24-2019 11:11 PM
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    What is important to you in a phone?
    06-25-2019 06:50 AM
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    I’ve tried to list out the main aspects of a smartphone and which one is better:

    CAMERA: All three phones have a main camera and depth sensor, but no OIS. However the V15 and A50 have ultra-wide cameras. If you want good cameras, it SEEMS like it’s a contest between the V15 and A50, the former having a slight advantage due to the 48MP camera which can use 4-1 pixel binning instead of the A50’s 2-1. Selfie wise the V15 and F11 Pro both have a slight edge (on paper)

    PERFORMANCE: Both the V15 and F11 Pro have the Mediatek P70, while the A50 has an Exynos 9610. The Exynos 9610 is more efficient (10nm instead of 12nm) and is more powerful (2.3GHz max octa core vs 2.1Ghz max octa core), giving the A50 the advantage when it comes to performance.

    BATTERY: All 3 phones have a 4000mAh battery. Judging how the V15/F11 Pro have bigger but LCD displays and less efficient processors while the A50 has a smaller but more power-hungry display with a more efficient processor, all phones should have good battery life (lasting for an entire day or maybe more even for power users)

    DISPLAY: The V15 and F11 pro have 6.5 inch (approx) LCD displays at FHD. The A50 has a slightly smaller 6.4 inch AMOLED FHD display, giving it more vibrant colours and deeper blacks. Display-wise the A50 wins.

    SOFTWARE: The best software here is undoubtedly the A50’s OneUI. It strikes a balance in terms of nice features and ease-of-use between the bloated Vivo software and competent but somewhat sparse ColorOS of the F11 Pro. All are based on Android 9.

    DESIGN, BUILD ETC: All 3 phones are made out of polycarbonate, with the F11 Pro having a plastic back panel. The V15/F11 Pro both have pop-up camera whilst the A50 has a more traditional teardrop notch. All three have slim bottom bezels. Whether you prefer the teardrop or pop-up depends on your style.

    Hope that helps!
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    08-13-2019 12:49 PM

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