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    on Gallery and Piktures, all the photos are in order, with the most recent ones being the pictures i most recently saved to my device. however on Instagram the pictures are out of order. same goes for Snapchat camera roll and Twitter. i'll have a bunch of (not all) pictures i saved months ago from tumblr be on top while the most recent pictures i saved will be somewhere in the middle, as well as the screenshots and pictures I took from my camera being somewhere in the middle. i have over 1000 pictures and it gets really annoying having to scroll and scroll and scroll to find the picture i want to use. is there any way to fix this? im stumped because everything seems fine on my gallery apps. i have a oneplus one.
    06-27-2019 05:27 AM
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    How are the photos being sorted?

    Android does not preserve the file system dates when files are moved or copied; they get reset to "now" during the move/copy. For apps that look at the file dates when they should be looking at the EXIF dates, this will be a problem. (Piktures and some other apps get it right.)

    Many apps that create images will name the files after the EXIF creation date or the photo download date, which can help with such problems by sorting by name.
    06-27-2019 06:41 PM

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